Practice Areas

Business Law

Our business law lawyers have the expertise and experience to assist you in navigating the complex world of business transactions and acquisitions. Our group of professionals are experienced at providing specialized solutions for complex and competitive business situations, and represent a diverse group of businesses in many different types of transactions.

Family Law

Our experienced family law team can assist you with all aspects of family law, whether you require a marriage or cohabitation agreement at the start of a relationship or divorce, or property settlements and child and spousal support when a relationship ends.

Cohabitation and marriage agreements require balancing each party’s rights and obligations so that the agreement is effective over time.

Know your rights and obligations on your marriage or common-law relationship breakdown. Seek a consultation today with one of our experienced family law lawyers.


When charged with a criminal offense you need experienced advice immediately. Our criminal law group has experience with matters from traffic offenses to the most serious crimes you can be charged with such as murder sexual assault and robbery.

When charged with a criminal offense ensure that you get the best advice possible by consulting with the experienced lawyers at KOKM.

Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigation lawyers advise and represent clients on a variety of business related disputes. Our lawyers handle disputes amongst shareholders and partners, contractual disputes with businesses and debt collection litigation.

Civil Litigation

Our civil litigation lawyers handle all aspects of civil litigation including collections, foreclosures, breach of contracts, insurance issues, and strata law.

No matter what your issue is if litigation is required to solve it our team can help. Litigation is not the only way to solve simple issues and our team strategizes with you about how to avoid court.

Employment Law

Whether you have terminated an employee and that employee is now demanding compensation for wrongful dismissal or you are an employee who has been unfairly terminated our lawyers can assist.

For employers we are often able to give you advice on how to properly terminate employees and what compensation you may have to pay them. If after the employee is terminated litigation commences we are well-equipped to assist you.

For employees we are prepared to assist you in ensuring that you received just compensation if you’ve been wrongfully terminated.

Real Estate & Lending Transactions

We are experienced with all types of real estate transactions in varying real estate sectors. Our services include residential and commercial conveyances, all aspects of development, real estate marketing (disclosure statements), strata property law, leasing, mortgages and re-financing. We place emphasis on identifying potential challenges and risks in a transaction, and in providing creative and innovative solutions for our clients.

Wills & Estates

Whether your circumstances are simple or complex, our estate lawyers can assist with all stages of estate and succession planning. Often a short appointment to review your circumstances will allow our lawyers to make recommendations for your consideration. Many of our clients have simple solution such as a straight forward Will, often coupled with a Power of Attorney or representation Agreement. In more complicated circumstances a comprehensive Will, or a family, spousal or alter ego Trust might be recommended.

Additionally, our probate and administration practice will be of assistance in guiding clients through the complicated Estate process after the death of a family member.

Estate Litigation

Our experienced estate litigation lawyers deal with all aspects of ensuring that an estate is being fairly dealt with.

In British Columbia a will must be fair. There is a short time in which to seek to change a deceased’s will. If you are the spouse or child of a deceased and believe that you are not fairly treated in the will you should seek the advice of one of our estate litigation lawyers.